Trash-Free Camping Tips


We think all camping should be Trash-free Camping!

Trash-free camping is the commitment to have everything that came with you, leave with you.  Maintaining a trash-free site is well within reach!  All it takes is a little bit of extra work and self-discipline.  Which, when you leave, is something the wildlife will greatly appreciate and ultimately benefit from.

Here are a few friendly tips to help you camp trash-free!

Plan your meals ahead of time - try to plan your meals so there are no leftovers.  No one wants to carry out stinky garbage full of leftovers or uneaten food.  Use an empty container to keep your compostables in; we do have composting available at "The Stomping Ground" (our common area).

Leave some garbage at home - try to save bringing some of the garbage with you in the first place. For example, if you buy a box of granola bars, take the bars out of the box, leave the recyclable material at home and pack the bars in a cooler or snack bag you plan to bring. Plastic or metal airtight containers are inexpensive and excellent not only for storing food that came in plastic wrappings, but can be reused as bowls or plates while camping!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! (Reusable Dinnerware) - durable metal or plastic plates, cups, and utensils are a great addition to your camping gear, and the dollar store camping section will do.  Yes, you will have to wash them, but you will greatly reduce the amount of garbage you end up having to take away. An inexpensive washbasin also makes a great storage place for them when you're not using it or need to pack!

Bring your reusable water bottle - a bottle that can be used time and time again is invaluable for keeping you hydrated while camping (or any time, really).  It also keeps hundreds of plastic bottles from ending up in dumps or worse, in our natural areas!  We do provide a small recycling bin at your Villa, but if you bring a lot of bottled beverages in, we'd appreciate you taking them out with you.

Make your own ice - instead of stopping at a local gas station on your way to the camping site, why not make your own ice packs for free? Any plastic bottle will do (water bottle, pop bottle, large plastic juice jugs): just fill with water and freeze the day before you depart for your trip.  Bonus: A large block of ice will take longer to melt than a bag of ice cubes, and once they melt you have cold drinks for the ride home!

Bring a few bags for garbage - wait... what?  We're just saying; be prepared.  You are bound to make a small amount of trash even with your best efforts.  Just in case, bring a few large bags and a few grocery bags for pre-bagging items that may be messy or smelly. Double-bagging your garbage can also ensure no rips or tears will cause bits of garbage to be left behind as you head out of your site.

Pay it forward - No one wants to arrive at a messy site.  Leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it.  The animals in the area will continue to enjoy a safe and clean environment, and the next guests will fully enjoy the spot, just as you and the guests before you.